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Our Photos - 2005

The photos below are actually stored on another website - By stroring our pictures there, you can view the pictures and even purchase any that you'd like. They'll send prints in any size to your home.

Please note, you will have to create an account on to view the pictures.

View photos from previous years: 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001

Photos from Carol Thompson's graduation from Montessori training party - Aug 6 ( 76 photos)
June 2005 photos (26 photos)
May 2005 photos (12 photos)
Kelly's wedding (April 2005) photos (42 photos)
April 2005 photos (11 photos)
March 2005 photos (10 photos)
February 2005 photos (28 photos)
January 2005 photos (23 photos)

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